About Luanne

Luanne Nichols Shoup, daughter of the well known California potter and painter, Betty Lou Nichols, established her ceramic repair and restoration business in 2001.

Luanne studied art, jewelry, pottery and photography at Fullerton College, Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz, Cal State Fullerton and Orange Coast College, all located in California.

After Betty Lou passed away, Luanne was left with many of her ceramic art figurines and well known head vases. Many had chips and missing pieces. This initiated a desire to repair everything. After Luanne repaired all she had, she began her business. After working for years with clay and paint along side her mother, Luanne was left with a keen eye for color and the know how for mixing and matching paints. Luanne’s expert knowledge of materials, color matching and understanding of vintage contemporary materials has also enabled her to expand her restoration business beyond Betty Lou’s vases.

Luanne’s passion and appreciation for her mother’s work is her inspiration. Each repair is treated with the same meticulous care and attention Betty Lou used when creating them.

As a child, both my brother and I worked in my mother’s ceramic shop, Betty Lou Nichols Ceramics, located in La Habra, California. Since I was a bit young to fabricate and paint, my mother busied me with loading and unloading the kiln and casting. After Mom sold her business, she took up oil painting portraits and landscapes. We spent many hours together painting and creating other artworks. We were always taught to take great care of what we had and how to fix whatever we could ourselves. This led to my passion of fixing whatever I can get my hands on.

Please contact Luanne by email at luanne at ceramicrepairbyluanne dot com or by phone at 714-713-0413.