Betty Lou Nichols 9½” Florabell


She had a very poor repair job. The glaze had flaked off on her hat, bow, and dress. This figurine was such a mess! I had to take her hat brim apart and remove the old paint that was on her hat brim.

P7270639 P7270640 P7270641 P7270642

I glued her hat brim back together, the glaze flakes on her hat brim. The dress and bow were filled in with putty and painted. A few missing eyelashes were also replaced. Value of this very rare Betty Lou Nichols head vase is $2,400.

PA050656 PA050655 PA050654 PA050653 PA050646

Cost of repair: $500

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  1. I have a mrs. Santa that was VERY poorly repaired. She was one of the ones with open eye glasses. I wonder what a repair cost would be.

    Written by by Elizabeth Grein – July 26, 2008

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