Hawaiiana Hawaiian Chalk Ware Vintage Figurine


This rare Hawaiian hula girl arrived to the customer in pieces! Since she was insured, I first wrote up an estimate for repair of which was submitted to the Postal Service. The customer was able to recover most of the cost to repair her.

P1180665 P1180666 P1180669 P1180667 P1180668

The larger pieces were used in the repair, however; because there were so many little pieces, it was more cost effective to fill in the remaining gaps with putty. Since the figurine is made from chalk ware she was easier to work with, which also kept the cost down.

Value is unknown of this Hawaiian chalk ware figurine, but be assured that she is very rare. The end results were beautiful.

P2040670    P2040671    P2040672

Cost of repairs: $275

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