5 ½” Mardis Gras Mask Lady


This lovely lady came to me glued very poorly.  I had to take her apart and remove the old glue.  Once those steps were completed, I glued her back together and filled the gaps with putty. Then I moved on to painting the piece.

repairmask2       repairmask1

I used gold foil for the accent on the top of her hat.  This is a rare head vase valued at $1,400.

repairmask5       repairmask4       repairmask6

Cost of repairs: $275

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1 Comment

  1. hi well i finally figured out were my bettylou head vase came from im happy! i ve had her for 20 years and always thought her mane was bettylou because it said on the bottom.is this rare.she is a country stile with a hat that has laeves and cherries on it.i have a head vase of a 60s girl that is missing a v shaped peice on the back do repair these also please email me i really would like to have her back to perfect again

    Written by by rick – January 24, 2010

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