Luanne specializes in repair and restoration of ceramic, porcelain and chalk ware. Whether it be a collectible, heirloom or sentimental personal treasure, you might want to have that special piece repaired now so you can enjoy it for the years to come. Missing parts can be replaced, chips can be filled and cracks can be hidden. All restored items are strictly ornamental. they cannot be submerged in hot water or cleaned with solvents or detergents. All ceramic, porcelain and chalk ware repairs and restoration are done by hand to preserve the integrity of the item. All materials are water soluble. All repairs are invisible to the naked eye, but sometimes can be detected by a professional.

Luanne receives items from all over the United States and is highly recommended by many antique dealers and collectible book authors.

Repairs start at $45, minimum charge. Each piece is quoted individually due to its unique colors and problems. Estimates are free. Each item must be received and inspected for an accurate estimate. You can email a photo, but the estimate will be strictly “ball park.” If the piece has been poorly glued, it may have to be taken apart and re-glued. This can incur extra fees, especially if the old glue is hard to remove.

Luanne has repaired pieces from:

Art Deco
Bauer Kay Finch
Betty Lou Nichols Lladro
Brad Keeler Majolica
Brayton Laguna Polynesian Chalkware
California Pottery Porcelain Dolls
Chalkware Roseville
Florence Ceramics Royal Dalton
Hawaiiana Weller
Head Vases

Bright shiny gold: If your piece has bright shiny gold on it, please know that it is almost impossible to get that exact look in restoration but can come close, especially with very small areas.

Please contact Luanne by email at luanne at ceramicrepairbyluanne dot com or by phone at 714-713-0413.